As I was getting ready to make the journey to London this time last year, I remember how amazing, scary and exciting it all was. I made sure to record as much as I could in hopes that I can help others along the way so here’s a re-post of some of what I did […]

I think this has possibly been the longest I’ve gone with out posting on my blog! Early June was a bit hectic for me- we had exams in the first week, followed by training sessions and dissertation day in the second week while working part time and my friend Adri was visiting. Amidst all this […]

I went home to LA for two weeks at the end of June before my work placement began. There is nothing like returning home to help reflect on everything that has happened over the last few months. And over days of sunny patches, kareoke nights and burger eatings I thought about how nice it is […]

I had a picture in my head of the sort of life I wanted to lead in London. Busily going back and forth from school, work and an active social life. Simultaneously, having full weekends of exploring the city and traveling around Europe. I was an idiot. I had no clue the amount of work […]

All of December and January Marco and I were trying to figure out where to go during spring break. I wanted sea and sun and gardens, Marco wanted good food and sightseeing and nightlife. We both didn’t want a big city. Eventually we decided on Malaga. Malaga is on the Costa Del Sol in Andalucia, […]

London is expensive, one of the most expensive cities in the world. This time last year I was trying to figure out what EXACTLY I would be spending, but everything was averages and not reflective of student life. SO I thought to myself, lets make some breakfast. Then I thought to myself, lets outline a […]

I’m on Spring break! Although my time is filled with campaigns, research, group working and “work” working, last Saturday I said “sod it” and left it behind to travel the streets and waters of London Town. I went with some of my buddies from LUIP to the National Portrait Gallery. We looked on to Trafalgar […]


I’m back in classes and it’s been a hectic, but amazing start to the semester. I got a part-time job at a branding agency, went away to a residential weekend with the other students in my department and I was lucky enough to visit Google’s London Headquarters! As an ambassador of┬áLondon Universities International Partnership (LUIP), […]

I knew it before I even set foot in London, the Tube. It’s iconic, it’s efficient and it is SO MUCH better than MUNI (SF Transport) or LA’s metro. Perhaps it’s because of my love of cities, or perhaps its because I’m probably the most boring person ever, but I love maps and the Tube […]